We are happy to announce that we have chosen
to be the official sponsor of the Alpo99 women’s A2 basketball team!
We are proud to support Verona’s sporting teams because we fully share their values: passion, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play. We have been located near the walls of Villafranca Castle since 1983 and, over time, we have nourished the love for craftsmanship, our attachment to the territory and our local traditions, always supporting first-hand our region, from suppliers to our employees. For almost 40 years, like the Alpo99, we strive to overcome everyday challenges. We do this with a creative flair, always attentive to the evolution of tastes and food styles and strongly believing in innovation. With this we give life to new recipes: organic, organic- vegan, wholegrain, gluten free. We sponsored Hellas Verona in 2018 and the Giro d’Italia in 2019. And now we are happy to be at the side of our female athletes, with whom we hope to achieve the goal of the season:
the final! Strength and passion all the way!