The commitment to be more and more environmentally friendly, the desire to reduce our impact on the environment each and every day.
These are the ambitious objectives that we are committed to achieving in the coming years. Taking care of the environment is our clear responsibility.

We want to reduce the amount of raw materials used, reuse waste products, minimize waste and use more and more recycled plastic. Our respect for the environment will also take shape with the launch of our new green-packaging that, from 1 September 2020, will be designed with 10% less plastic and 60% more recycled plastic.

On each new packaging we will apply a ‘green sticker’ to inform our customers,
but also, to raise awareness that together, we can make a difference.
Nature conservation is a team effort.

We are committed to finding greener, increasingly innovative solutions and, where possible, increasingly the use of recycled plastics. In defence of consumers, food security and the future.

Taste, tradition, creativity, eco-sustainability.
These are the ingredients we have been mixing for more than 35 years.