Posters all over the city, flyers, word of mouth, FB, Instagram you’ll see us all over the place and everyone needs to know! De Angelis will be alongside all the wonderful volunteers from Box336am and


De Angelis is the proud sponsor of the ITALPET FESTIVAL DOG RUN 2018 that will be held on the 30th September 2018 in Verona. We hope to demonstrate the fact that we believe that good health


Save the date!!! De Angelis will be present at SIAL in Paris from the 21st to the 25th October. We have so many new products to share with you all: our new organic-vegan filled pasta,


October in the centre of Verona. The program offers a wide range of activities from excellent wine-tasting to delicious Italian food including De Angelis’ fresh pasta. We will be present in Via Roma with our


Traditional Verona food plays a starring role in the “Food Festival” in the area of Lungadige San Giorgio Verona. De Angelis will be alongside Scapin to promote local gastronomical traditions with our fresh pasta including

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